Designed specifically for housing mother plants and cloning, this grow box knows how to keep your harvests consistently harvesting.

  • Green Cloning Icon Run a cloner and 2 to 3 mothers
  • Green Leaf Icon Maintain a vegetation state
  • Green Calendar Icon Reduce harvest cycle times

Designed for mothering and cloning, the Mothership is the perfect growing environment for mother plants. Run a cloner while growing 2 to 3 mother plants, or just grow four mother plants on their own.

Built To Order
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Power Plug Icon 173 kWh/mo

The Mothership draws 4.1amps and will cost roughly $25/mo depending on your power rates. LED lights will cut power use in half.
*based on 12hr/day usage @ $0.14/kWh.

Shield Icon Certified Safe

Tested by accredited third-party ISO 17065 Certification Body, ISO 17025 Testing Laboratory, and ISO 17020 Inspection Body. More details

  • Fully Self-Sustaining Box

    Don't worry about the little things, the box will handle that for you so your mothers can grow big and strong!

    Carbon Filter

    The air from inside the grow chamber is passed through a carbon filter to eliminate plant odour

  • Features

    • 16 cu. ft. of growing space
    • Carbon Filtration Odour control
    • 400W digital ballast and MH Bulb  (If HID lights selected. LED Optional)
    • Automated digital timer
    • Medical grade powder coated aluminum box
    • 110V power
    • 3-year warranty on all parts
    • 1-year warranty on all ballasts
  • Dimensions

    Check out our AR (Augmented Reality) 3D model in the Images at the top of this page to view this box in your own space via your mobile device.

    28” x 54.5" x 28” (without filter)
    28” x 54.5” x 34” (with filter)

Package Options

Upgrading to the Cloner Package will save you $25 vs purchasing the cloner later.

Standard Package

You will recieve everything in this package at no additional charge with your box.

  • 3 cycles of Bronze nutrients
  • Clone shelf
  • Clone tray and dome
  • Coco bricks
  • Odour-destroying carbon filter
  • 4 x 10" Nursery pots
  • 400w Ballast and MH Bulb
  • Mixing tub for nutrients
  • Industrial-strength casters
  • 365-day technical support
  • Grow & tech manuals
  • 3-year warranty on all parts
  • 1-year warranty on ballasts
Cloner Package

includes everything in Standard, PLUS:

  • Golden Grow Cloner

Mothership FAQ

Is there an app?
No. We do not have an app available for our current units as we have learnt over the years the more technology you add the more problems arise. We are working on coming up with a solution that works well and won't increase costs too much.
How many mothers does it hold?
The Mothership can hold up to 4 motherplants or if adding a cloner it can hold up to 3 mothers.
Can I flower in this box?
This box is meant only for vegetative purposes and is not designed for flowering. If you want the same size box but with flowering options, take a look at the Roommate.
What is a mother plant?
A mother is a female plant that you keep in a vegetative state in which you take cuttings from to create clones.
How loud is the box?
Some would compare it to an aquarium and a couple older computers as the only components that make noise are some smaller fans and an air pump.

More Frequently Asked Questions