The Nursery

The premium partner for your cloning needs. The advanced design allows you to save up to 80% over traditional growing.

  • Green Leaf Icon Space for 288 clones ready to flower
  • Green Calendar Icon New clones every 5-7 days
  • Green Cloning Icon Perpetual cloning cycles

This womb with a view is the perfect cloning/propagation station.  With the ability to propagate up to 1568 clones or seeds at a time or grow up to 288 plants ready to flower.  The Nursery is fully automated and has the ability to plumbed in to city water for maintenance free growing.

Built To Order
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  • Fully Self-Sustaining Box

    The Nursery is fully self-sustaining with 16 trays and 4 levels allowing you to produce on your time.

    Creating Potential

    Allows you to grow up to 72 well-rooted, 3-inch cubed clones every single week.

    DWC Hydro System

    The Deep Water Culture Hydro system consistently aerates the water in the reservoir providing oxygen to the roots

    Carbon Filter

    The air from inside the grow chamber is passed through a carbon filter to eliminate plant odour

    Power Plug Icon 159 kWh/mo

    The Nursery draws 2.4amps and will cost roughly $24/mo depending on your power rates. This is for Vegging, Flowering would use less power.
    *based on 18hr/day for vegging.

  • Features

    • 20 cu. ft. of flowering space, 12 cu. ft. veg chamber
    • DWC (Deep Water Culture) Hydroponics
    • Carbon Filtration Odour control
    • CO2 regulator included
    • 400W digital ballast
    • Cloner included for faster root development
    • Automated digital timer
    • Medical grade powder coated aluminum box
    • 110V power
    • 3-year warranty on all parts
    • 1-year warranty on all ballasts
  • Dimensions

    29.5” x 66” x 79”

Package Options

Upgrading to the Cloner Package will save you $25 vs purchasing the cloner later.

Standard Package

You will recieve everything in this package at no additional charge with your box.

  • 3 cycles of Bronze nutrients
  • Clone shelf
  • Clone tray and dome
  • Coco bricks
  • Odour-destroying carbon filter
  • 4 x 10" Nursery pots
  • 400w Ballast and MH Bulb
  • Mixing tub for nutrients
  • Industrial-strength casters
  • 365-day technical support
  • Grow & tech manuals
  • 3-year warranty on all parts
  • 1-year warranty on ballasts
Cloner Package

includes everything in Standard, PLUS:

  • Golden Grow Cloner