The Aurora Story

BCNL +/- Aurora

2017 was a very exciting year. After years of regulation and prosecution around cannabis, it was clear that the Canadian Government was taking steps towards legalization. This resulted in huge surges in the cannabis market and companies in the space went on an acquisition spree.

Aurora Cannabis was in the market for quality, self contained grow systems to add to their Devices division, and with 15 years in the industry BC Northern Lights fit the bill. Our staff was kept on board and we worked on growing the business with Aurora over the next few years while stocks soared across the board.

Unfortunately, due to lower than projected Cannabis sales after legalization, the bubble burst leading to companies downsizing and selling off recent acquisitions. Three long term employees of BCNL saw this as an opportunity and offered Aurora the chance to sell it back to the people that made it the award winning company it is today.

While things didn’t turn out quite like expected, this was an amazing experience for us and we learned so many things from so many amazing people within Aurora. We look back fondly on our time with Aurora and are continually focused on taking things to the next level.

BCNL is still dedicated to manufacturing grow appliances that will last a lifetime, paired with our expert Grow and support Advisors. We will continue to push forward in our mission to provide safe, secure and self-contained growing environments to give anyone the independence to cultivate quality plants in their own space.

We look forward to having you part of the BCNL family.