What to Expect

Thank you for purchasing a BCNL Grow Box, we’re so happy to have you as part of our family.

Now that your box is on it’s way, we wanted to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible for when it arrives. Many people have never received a ‘freight’ shipment before, so we put together some details to help you prepare for the arrival of your box.

Delivery Day

Box packaged on pallet for freight shipment.

When we ship out a grow box, all the accessories, nutrients and parts are packaged up and put inside the grow box before being strapped to the pallet.

This is not your standard Amazon delivery! Because of the size and weight, it will come on a pallet and be delivered in a large truck. Depending on the method of delivery selected, the unit will be delivered to your residence via a power tailgate. If another option is required, reach out to us to discuss alternate options. You will need to be home to sign for the delivery and let them know where to place the pallet.

Once the pallet is lowered, make sure you walk around and look for any puncture marks or other damage to the packaging. If you notice any damage or holes in the cardboard, make sure you look inside to see if the box itself is damaged. If damage is found do not accept the unit and have it returned and we will send you out a new unit.


You’ll need a box cutter, knife or scissors in order to cut the straps on the pallet/boxes. While not required, we also suggest having a helper with you. A helper will make the process a lot smoother, and make moving the box even easier than normal.

Before attempting to move the grow box, we suggest that you remove all the boxes that are packed inside. This makes the unit much lighter and easier to lift off the pallet and move into your desired location. Once off the pallet, the box has industrial castors that will make moving it easier.

Once you have the Box placed, you should unpack all the extra boxes and layout all the components so you can ensure you have everything. Please note that we often reuse boxes for other purposes, so if a box says Nutrients, it’s very possible that other things are packed in there as well, so unpack everything and lay it out to prevent misplacing items.